KOV Products Ingredients Nutrition Vendors About Us Philadelphia Weekly April 16th, 2008 You can keep your cakes, cookies and pies. If there's a desert-island dessert for me, it's undoubtedly ice cream. Mass-market brand? Haagen-Dazs. Local? Bassetts is good, but the Franklin Fountain's is better, and Capogiro belongs in a category of its own (it is gelato, after all). The best ice cream I've tasted in recent memory is not technically ice cream at all. Believe me, I'm the last person in the world to recommend a faux ice cream product, but KOV frozen dessert from KOV Foods, a company based in Ardmore, is amazing and not just because it sports a multitude of fancy labels: vegan, dairy-and- soy-free, certified organic and kosher (whew!). Unlike other faux products, this isn't made with fake ingredients that can leave a weird chemical aftertaste, but with fresh alternative ingredients like coconut milk and agave. It currently comes in two flavors: a zippy, refreshing chocolate mint and a hot-zingy ginger vanilla. I'd be hard pressed to say which I liked better, since I ate equally copious amounts of both. Sadly, it's no less fattening than traditional ice cream, but if you're going to eat healthy, at least make it healthy that tastes good. Take that, Tofutti ! Reviews Daily Candy Philadelphia