KOV Products Ingredients Nutrition Vendors About Us KOV is a Philadelphia based company formed by health conscious individuals.  The company is not only focused on providing healthy, natural food alternatives, but also to making a difference in our community and in the world.  KOV Foods is committed to supporting charities.  We have allocated a percentage of profits to support selected charities that make a difference.  In addition, knowing what it’s like to be a ‘starving’ artist, we are using our lid to provide artists with a medium to share their talents.  A new artist (spoken word, art, music, crafts, poetry, etc.) will be selected each month to grace our lid.  We hope that our efforts to give back to artists, our community and the world will inspire others to do the same. KOV non-dairy frozen dessert is the first product to be launched by KOV Foods, Inc.  We strive to create products that everyone will want to eat, not only health-conscious people or people on special allergy-free diets.  We have more exciting, great tasting, organic products up our sleeve so stay tuned.  KOV’s Mission