KOV (pronounced "cove") makes a creamy non-dairy frozen dessert made from organic coconut milk instead of dairy, soy, rice or nut milk. Each variety of KOV is made with natural ingredients like organic ginger root, organic ground bourbon vanilla, organic fair trade cocoa powder, organic black raspberries and organic peppermint. We wanted to offer a dessert that wasn't super sweet, had a low glycemic index, yet was full of flavor. KOV brings creative combinations to everyday eating or special celebrations. KOV is allergy sensitive so mostly everyone can enjoy eating it whether you have a food allergy or not. It tastes gourmet and even the pickiest ice cream lovers report that KOV is a WOW experience! Want KOV in your independent health food, gourmet, kosher market cafe, ice cream shop or restaurant near you?        Allergy Sensitive Vegan Fro-Yo Coming Soon! Welcome To KOV